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Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Industrial Placement in Nigeria

Industrial training

Get ready for an amazing experience… Exciting, challenging and incredibly beneficial to your career, an Industrial placement gives you the valuable experience you need to put everything you learn in the classroom into real-life practice. But remember, you…

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The best approach to boost your academic writing skills

Jodi Picoult says: “You can always edit a bad page, but you can never edit a blank page.” It is vital to write no matter how difficult you find it to write. The primary purpose of writing is…

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How To Write An Essay Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 3 Tips

essay writing

As a university student, you are inevitably going to be asked to write an essay or two for class. This is especially true for English classes, but it can apply to any courses that you may take in…

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How do you survive the long Internship jobs search?

internship jobs

Is your Internship jobs search getting too long? Click. Click. Congratulations, you have sent out the supposed 999th application! Yet no luck. :-[ Your Internship jobs search can be long as hell. Especially if you know exactly what you…

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Back to school: 3 tips to Begin the New Semester

back to school

Welcome back to school again. But are you ready? The vacation break has elapse much faster than you expected and you’re already in the new semester. On one hand you are relaxed and motivated. On the other hand,…

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DIY: Best Self Study Tips for Students (That Works Like Magic)

Self Study Tips

With the advent of modern technologies, it’s never been easier and simpler to pursue your own education and learning. By allotting just a little time each day, you can follow your interests outside of the school curriculum and…

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10 Causes of Poor Academic Performance in School – Most Students Never Admit #8

what is academic performance

There are several causes leading to poor academic performance in school. If these causes are not dealt with, such students would continue to swim in poor performance. Due to these inability factors, many students never excelled in class;…

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Poor Academic Performance? Causes and Practical Solutions

academic performance

Generally, students get disturbed by their poor academic performance but they never try to understand the real causes behind them. Also, if you want to know what you can do to obtain better academic records in the future,…

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How to get an internship at NNPC

NNPC industrial training application

Most likely, you may have stumbled upon this article while searching for NNPC industrial training application, NNPC SIWES application or industrial training placement in NNPC. In this post, you’ll learn how to apply for industrial training in NNPC. For…

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50 Powerful Ways to Finding The Right Internship To Boost Your Career

Finding The Right Internship

Finding the right internship for your SIWES program requires some research and planning but the results are definitely worth the effort. Seeking out this temporary job opportunity can best be accomplished by using several different strategies. Internship Facts…

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Find more internships in your area…

intern job

IT/ SIWES training offers Nigerian students in Higher Institutions the opportunity to gain work experience in different locations. However, many students are not seizing this opportunity because they’re unable to secure IT placement in their desires companies and…

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ENGLISH101: 14 Sexy Ways to Say “Thank You”

ways to say thank you

What are the sexy ways to say thank you? As many of you know, “Thank You” is a very important word to use in English Language. Practically every conversation is prepared with a “thank you” especially when a…

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Top 14 Industrial Training Jobs Finding Tactics (That Work)

industrial training

Are you still searching for list of companies for industrial training or struggling to find your dream internship? Not to worry. This post is here to help. (Important Note: Before I dive in to reveal the best internship ad…

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