welcomes direct advertisers.

If you want to promote your products, services, training, events, and competitions among university students in Nigeria, and the world at large advertising on EduAnsa might be is a good idea.

Why EduAnsa?

  • Students trust EduAnsa – The huge reach that we have among campuses all over Nigeria is surely important. But what is more important is that students trust EduAnsa like a true friend or a senior college. Which means when you advertise on EduAnsa, there is an implicit trust attached to your brand as well – like everything else we are known for, students expect us to advertise only quality offerings which we do by being selective about the brands that advertise with us.


  • Great Service – Even for a free service (i.e. internship and scholarship posting), we provide enviable customer service and you can imagine how prompt, and personalized our service would be for the things that we charge money for. We take pride in taking ownership of your campaigns and go extra miles to make sure that you have a happy experience with us – we want you back, year after year!


  • Affordable Pricing – For the results we deliver and for the service we provide, we surprise our customers with how affordable advertising on EduAnsa really is. We are obsessed with Value for Money as a way of life and strive hard to deliver the same to our clients.

People’s Thought About EduAnsa

At the core of the idea is the belief that internships, if managed well, can make a positive difference to the student, to the employer, and to the society at large. Hence, the ad-hoc culture surrounding internships in Nigeria should and would change.

EduAnsa aims to be the driver of this change.

EduAnsa is different things to different people:

  • For thousands plus students struggling to get a meaningful scholarship & internship every year, EduAnsa is a friend, a mentor, an affectionate senior, and a boon.


  • For hundreds of organizations (home & abroad) that use EduAnsa to hire interns, we are a pleasant surprise, a benchmark of the world standards in customer service.


  • For outsiders (a chance visitor, media, investors, friends and acquaintances) EduAnsa is the next big thing coming out of Nigeria’s start up stable.


  • But internally, we are a bunch of entrepreneurs trying to solve a very hard problem – the (near) failure of  Nigeria’s education system.


For advertising inquiries, contact us at [email protected]