speed reading

Speed Reading Techniques: How to read faster and comprehend better (In 60 Minutes or Less)

How often have you wished you had more time to sit and read a book? Self-help books are great motivators; Imagine being able to read an entire book in minutes and retain the information you have read more effectively than if you had read it slowly. Speed reading = Better Compression + Better Grades +…

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Benefits Of Online Education

The Benefits Of Online Education

Have you considered the many benefits of online education? Most people understand that a good education is necessary for nearly any type of professional career, but there are a lot of roadblocks that people face when they actually consider furthering their education. Jobs, financial problems, time, and family responsibility are often the reason many find…

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project report

How to properly format the preliminary pages of a project report

Preliminary pages are those pages that come before the main body of your project or research work. Before your project supervisor approves or accepts your project report, your preliminary pages should be in order and well written. Standard preliminary pages are comprised of the following: Cover/Title page Declaration (if any) Certification (If any) Approval (if…

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How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation Slides: Quick & Easy Tips

Wondering how to make a PowerPoint presentation slides for your final year project defense? You’re not alone PowerPoint presentation slides are a great way to deliver a project defense, attract audience attention on a subject and support complicated concepts in your project work. However, a bad presentation can achieve the opposite. Poorly designed PowerPoint presentation…

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