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10 Common Grammar Mistakes that Make You Look Stupid

grammar mistake

  Just how well you use words can produce an enduring impression on people. Master those words skillfully and people may see you in any number of positive lights – as intelligent, influential, funny, etc. But even one…

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When To Start Applying for SIWES Industrial Training and Internship

industrial training

At the beginning of last week, I received an email – from EduAnsa’s blog reader, asking me When is the best time to apply for student industrial training? It is becoming more and more common for students to…

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Online Education – Your Gateway To Success

online education

Education is a right of every person. However, in today’s society youths tends to disregard its essence. They get more inclined to vices and not spending time in school. There are many factors cited about this problem but…

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How to Get Better College Grades: Top 10 Study Tips

good rades

It does not matter if you are enrolled at a college or a student at a university. If you want to improve your college grades and raise your grade point average (college gpa), here is what you need to…

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Are the online courses equally important?

Benefits Of Online Education

Technology has made things easier over the period of the last decade. From shopping to dating, everything is now made available online. The same change has been brought to the field of education where there are thousands of…

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How to Find Your First Internship Placement

internship placement

Whether you’re an undergraduate or post-graduate and looking for your first internship placement, you’ll need to prepare for a job search. Yeah, you heard me. But before you start looking for your internship placement, you will need to…

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What to do if you are yet to secure an internship

Internship period is almost coming to an end and you are yet to secure an offer? Read on to discover what eight (8) things (plus bonus tips) you should be doing NOW!!!   So, you have applied for…

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How to Rock Your Next Internship Program – 10 Smart Ways

internship program

Internship program have become a must for university students. Without the work experience they offer, the post-graduation job search is much more difficult. But it’s not enough to simply get an internship. How will you be successful, stand…

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Summer Internships – Find Undergraduate Student Placements Abroad

summer internships

Do you have plans to do summer internships abroad? Some students wants to do international summer internships to live and work abroad or to gain specific career related work experience. There are several summer internships related to international…

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How to Study Abroad? Important Things You Should Know

malaysia international scholarship

Here you’ll find a collection of the most frequently asked questions regarding how to study abroad. Find information on where to study, how to apply, entry requirements, getting a student visa, tuition fees and funding, finding study abroad scholarships and…

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New Year Resolutions – Making Them, Keeping Them & Influencing Them

new year resolutions

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates “Goals and new year Resolutions Aren’t enough for your success.” – John Ansa It was an…

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A Step By Step Approach To Getting A Sales Internship

sales internship

Once a sale has been made and the goods and services consumed, the consumer moves to a higher level of wants, thereby creating a desire for a higher level of goods and services – and so the wheel…

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