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How To Achieve Your Desires In Life? Three simple steps


Life is full of desires. Everyone has their own dreams. To achieve all your desires is so wonderful. People wish or bless each others by saying “let all your desires in life be fulfilled”. If our desires in…

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start MBA Admission


Achieving an MBA has always been one of your dreams and now it seems like the time to apply is here. You need to be aware that you will have to take an MBA entrance test. This is…

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How To Land Your Dream Internship: Proven Step-By-Step System To Gain Real World Experience


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Superb Tips to Help You Pass Your Examinations with All round A’s

Superb Tips to Help You Pass Your Exams

Examinations are designed to assess the performance of students in their various courses of study. Either internal or external, examinations are not meant to victimize students or create unnecessary fears in them. Due to the wrong perception of…

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How to Overcome Procrastination and Actually Get S*** Done


This is the discussion from the EduAnsa Forum. If you want to avail my FREE Consultation check out this page. An anonymous reader of EduAnsa asked the following question: Question Procrastination is one of the major issues I…

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Top 7 Reasons Why Students Fail in Exams

causes of mass failure in examination

What causes students to fail? Laziness and foolishness account for about ninety percent reasons why students fail in exams. In addition to those two, the following reasons may also account for failure in examinations: [tweetthis display_mode=”box”]Laziness and foolishness…

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The Importance of Investing for Young People


Investing is important for young people for many diverse reasons.  Chiefly, if you wait to start investing until later in your career it means you have probably wasted many precious opportunities. When you are early in your career…

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How to Pass Exams Without Studying Hard

How to pass exams

Wondering How To Pass Exams Without Studying Hard? Read this! The current alarming rate of failure in major examinations shows that most students do not understand the techniques for passing examination and dealing with examination questions.  Examination questions…

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What Every Student Needs to Know Before Going to University

academic performance
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How to Improve Your Memory With Ease Using These Tips

how to improve your memory

You will find that there are ways on how to improve your memory and we all wish to have the photographic memory. Just think of having the capacity to recall each idea that you have learned when you…

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What you need to know about computer backup

computer backup

Working in IT I constantly come across people who have computer trouble. Most cases require wiping the computer clean and reinstalling Windows, this fixes 99% of the computer problems I deal with. However, most people NEVER have their…

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Guidelines to Manage Your Anxious Kid


This is a guest contribution from John Williams None of the parents would be able to relax if they see their children in a state of anxiety. This is mainly because the parents have are used to resolving…

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