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Does Your Academic Performance Suck? 9 Ways to Fix It

academic performance

For too long, many students have been contended with poor academic performance in their academic pursuit. They seem satisfied with just passing their examinations, their test, but not getting the best in their studies. Before we point out ten keys to turning poor academic performance to excellent success, see these 10 Causes of poor academic Performance in Examination.

academic performance

Climbing to Excellent Academic Performance

Moving from poor academic performance to excellent success is not a child’s play. It entails several factors. It entails burning the midnight candle. Any student who aspire to climb from poor academic performance to excellent performance must be ready to brave the odd. To climb this ladder of success entails the following:

  1. Workable timetable: There must be a proper workable timetable that will spell out every minute detail on how one’s time is spent on a daily basis. Such timetable must however, not be rigid, it should be flexible to accommodate other important exigencies of the day.
  2. Availability of study materials: students should strive to purchase study materials to aid learning. Where finance is limited, they can make use of the libraries in their schools or borrow books from their friends and fellow colleagues. see Top 9 Business Ideas for University Students
  3. Trusting in God: absolute trust in God is key to attaining excellent success as God is the Author of promotion and success. Cutting off God means that such students are heading for doom.
  4. Determination: determination is tenacity of purpose. Students must be determined to succeed no matter the circumstances.
  5. Create proper study time: proper time must be deliberately created to study. A student without proper study time will not overcome average performance.
  6. Prayer: someone once said read as if all depends on reading and pray as if all depends on praying. It is not enough to read, prayer will crown your effort and dismantle obstacles militating against your aspiration for excellent success.
  7. Discipline: if studying is the vehicle that drives you to excellent academic performance, then discipline is the fuel that powers this vehicle. Those who want to excel must discipline themselves. Discipline will help you to do away with bad habits and cut off unnecessary distractions.
  8. Diligence: to attain excellent success, students must work hard. There is no elevator to success, you must take the stairs.
  9. Desire: there must be sincere desire in the heart of students to leave average life and climb to excellent success. Desire will prompt up determination, discipline and diligence to succeed. You must aim high, burn the midnight candle and leave the rest to God as excellent success will smile on you.

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