Hey Howdy,

Welcome to EduAnsa’s blog. I’m Ansa John, the founder and brain behind EduAnsa from Nigeria.

I started EduAnsa out of a need and passion to providing solutions to the challenges every student battles.

Here at EduAnsa I write to inspire young people by providing educational yet engaging content and connecting them with scholarship and internship opportunities that help set them up for success after graduation.

You know? I’m so glad you found your way here. 🙂

EduAnsa is a fantastic site developed to help you realize your full potential and pursue your passion. I firmly believe we are all fit for accomplishing significance success – at times we simply require a little back-up.

There’s a lot that goes into achieving your academic success. Each is structured differently and it can be challenging succeeding in school.

Most people spend extra years other than their specified years of study in school. Naturally, you want your study to be enjoyable, meaningful, academically rewarding and best graduating.

And EduAnsa is here to provide you with guides, resources, articles and materials with valuable information you need to make it happen. And we’re committed to expand our services and educational resources – just as the education continues to evolve, so will EduAnsa.

EduAnsa is the best blog for any student who is passionate about preparing for the future and for those who have the desire to excel in this fast-changing tech world.

About Ansa John (That’s me):

I am the mind behind EduAnsa.

I am an easy going person that works well with everyone. I enjoy being around different types of people and I like to always challenge myself to improve at everything I do. I like researching and writing, and in my spare time, I like to relax and read books.

I went to RSUST and studied petroleum engineering where I graduated with a good second class upper degree. Afterwards, I started my career at CypherCrescent Limited as a petroleum engineer. I’ve been there for several months now. Although my emphasis is in writing, I like numbers. I think solving logic problems and riddles are quite fun. I also enjoy blogging, reading, and listening to music.

I started blogging out of my passions for learning & sharing. In September, 2016, I got to have interest for blogs & it took me about 6 months from then to start my first blog.

I started on with two blogs on a WordPress platform.

I found blogging to be a great medium for sharing my favorite things with the world. Over the years through trial and error, taking risk and research, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been so blessed to be surrounded by some astounding individuals – companions, family, and friends – whom I keep on gaining from consistently.

That’s how EduAnsa was born.

You can read about my other blog here

I also invite you to join our community of students who love to change the world with us and help each other succeed.


Ansa John