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Guidelines to Manage Your Anxious Kid

This is a guest contribution from John Williams

None of the parents would be able to relax if they see their children in a state of anxiety. This is mainly because the parents have are used to resolving the issues that the children face and make life comfortable for them. While they keep telling the kids to study and complete the given homework, simultaneously, they realize the burden and the stress that the children go through, studying in the night.

Perspective – Parents and Children

 It is significant that one values their parents and understands that they will never be happy if the children are not happy. They might not tell the kids, but must have spoken about the increased homework at several forums. The parents are the prime teachers and one should always value their presence and respect their suggestions. Also, it is good to ask and discuss with the parents if the children feel anxious on just the name of completing the homework. The parents would certainly help to the extent they can to relieve the children of anxiety.

From the perspective of parents, they must monitor the education of the kids from early school years. This would help them understand the reaction of the child with regards to homework and address it if need be so that nothing goes adverse when they grow up. The anxiousness of homework may be related to the anxiety of studies, and their fear of non-performance of academics. If discussed on time, it can be sorted and prevented from growing in the child’s life.

How to Deal?

It is the responsibility as well as interest of the parents to help the children avoid stress and get motivated towards performing well. The following measures would help the parents in dealing effectively with an anxious child.

Guidelines to Manage Your Anxious Kid

  • Stay with the child when he/she is working on homework

While it is not feasible that a parent helps and does the child’s homework, it is certainly advised that they sit with the child so that they have assurance that in case of any doubt, the parents will be available to help.

  • Supporting children in managing resources for homework

There might be big projects that the students are required to do. The parents can help them find the relevant resources and help the child move towards homework completion in an organized manner.

  • Stay Involved

It should not be only for a day that the parents show interest in the studies of the children. They should be continuously involved in their studies so that they can understand what elements make the child anxious and work on those aspects for better performance.

  • Speak with examples

Children learn from live examples. If the parents motivate them and relate their problems with the ones faced by famous people and the manner that they had overcome, the children will gain motivation towards stress free homework completion.

  • Encourage at all times

This would always work. The parents must encourage the child to perform well and share with them their areas of improvement. This will help in reduction of anxiety, and motivate the child to put more efforts in homework completion and put aside anxiety.

Author’s Bio John William works as an online Tutor and loves to write about Teaching Lessons, Assignment help and solving student problems.

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