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Internship search

Your internship period is coming up and now is not the time to procrastinate. It’s the perfect time to start exploring which internships opportunities are right for you. You can start by browsing more than 1,000 internships opening…

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Top 35 Presentation Tips: How to Deliver The Best Final Year Project Defence

Final Year Project Defence

If you are searching online for information on final year project presentation tips or how to present a final year project defence, you have landed on the right webpage. But wait, Congratulations!! I believe by now you’re done…

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Internships Experience In Spain: Student Placements Abroad

It is undoubtedly brave to enrol on an internship, and set off to a new country on your own in search of adventure, excitement and the chance to learn another language. However there is a fine line between…

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Procrastination, Explained by Science [And How to Overcome it Now!]


Every day, 9 out of 10 people procrastinate, (including me). So, how can we overcome this demon? Let’s face it: You’re likely reading this post in an effort not to avoid some other tasks. And to learn how…

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The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates

successful student

To learn more, Read this Book and Transform Your Career…

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Question And Answer Time With John Ansa


I love hearing from my blog readers. But this month I get a lot of emails (like, a lot) asking the same questions over and over. So, today I wanted to give answers to frequently asked questions at This will save…

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How to properly format the preliminary pages of a project report

project report

Preliminary pages are those pages that come before the main body of your project or research work. Before your project supervisor approves or accepts your project report, your preliminary pages should be in order and well written. Standard…

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The Best Type of Internship Experience for you – The Intern Student

internship experience

You know: Students are usually looking for an internship experience that will give them practical knowledge in their chosen field of study. Medical students usually look for work in a lab and law students usually apply for internships…

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Have Overseas Degrees Lost Their Value?


Over the past decades, social opinions have changed on foreign education. News report about students who returned from overseas after study, which worth over hundreds of thousands of dollars, but end up unemployed or with low-paying jobs. This…

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What do you think of when you think about mathematics?


Many people find mathematics daunting. If true, this piece is for you. If not, this piece is still for you.   What do you think of when you think about mathematics? Perhaps you think about x’s and y’s,…

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Tips for Finding A Job you’ll love immediately after graduation

tips for finding a job

It may seem early to think about tips for finding a job. You will probably be concentrating on a heavy workload, including a your final year project, so you can get a good degree. However, if you wait…

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When To Start Applying for SIWES Industrial Training and Internship

industrial training

At the beginning of last week, I received an email – from EduAnsa’s blog reader, asking me When is the best time to apply for student industrial training? It is becoming more and more common for students to…

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