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How to Improve Your Memory With Ease Using These Tips

how to improve your memory

You will find that there are ways on how to improve your memory and we all wish to have the photographic memory. Just think of having the capacity to recall each idea that you have learned when you…

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What you need to know about computer backup

computer backup

Working in IT I constantly come across people who have computer trouble. Most cases require wiping the computer clean and reinstalling Windows, this fixes 99% of the computer problems I deal with. However, most people NEVER have their…

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Amazing Tips To Help Student Beat Stress

How to pass exams

 This is a guest contribution from Lola Gayle.

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Guidelines to Manage Your Anxious Kid


This is a guest contribution from John Williams None of the parents would be able to relax if they see their children in a state of anxiety. This is mainly because the parents have are used to resolving…

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How Can University Students Get Internship in Nigeria?

nigeria color

Finding and getting hired for an internship in Nigeria can be a challenging process. There are a plethora of websites and job boards out there. To ensure you’re maximizing your chances of landing that dream internship job it’s…

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Your Study Room Should Be…

study room

Study space where you learn has a big influence on your results. In this article you will find some advice how to change or prepare your study room for learning. Let’s start from choosing the study room. I…

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How to Deal With Anxiety and Forgetfulness in Exams

how to deal with anxiety

Ever wonder why people Show Nervousness During examination? Do you still remember how you often visit the gent  into exams hall? These are clear signs of exams fear (i.e being nervous) and if care is not taken might…

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Things to Avoid So Your GPA Doesn’t Become “Toxic”

As you make up your mind to boost your GPA and achieve your desired dream as a successful student, there are common causes of failure you need to avoid if your GPA must upgrade. Let consider some of…

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How to Apply for Graduate Interns Recruitment at OAUTHC

Graduate Internship Program

Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife is currently inviting suitably qualified candidates to apply for the following  positions: Job Title: Medical Laboratory Scientist I (Chemical Pathology) Medical Laboratory Technician (Microbiology & Parasitology) Medical Laboratory Technician (Haematology &…

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Laptop Buying Guide for Students To Enhance Learning

laptop buying guide

How would you like to learn about laptop buying guide to avoid buying the wrong laptop for your needs? Heading off to secondary school or university without a decent laptop is like refusing to use pencil and paper….

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Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Industrial Placement in Nigeria

Industrial training

Get ready for an amazing experience… Exciting, challenging and incredibly beneficial to your career, an Industrial placement gives you the valuable experience you need to put everything you learn in the classroom into real-life practice. But remember, you…

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How to Improve Your Memory During Examination

How to Improve Your Memory

So you want to learn how to improve your memory, learning of a new memory techniques, get awesome grades & pass exams with ease? If you answered OH YES to the question above, then today is your lucky…

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