Lagos University Teaching Hospital Internship Job Recruitment

Pharmacist internship job

This is to inform qualified and interested applicants for Pharmacist Internship Job that sales of forms for the internship programme at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) has commenced. Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) is a tertiary referral hospital in Idi-Araba,…

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Tips On How To Study For Exams – Time Management Techniques

time management techniques

How many more hours could you use in a day? What would you use the extra time for? O To hang out with friends O To sleep O To study O Other …………………………… Students in secondary school to…

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Internship for International Students in USA, 2016


Do you have what it takes to intern abroad? Stop wondering and find out for sure! For a limited time, Science News in USA are offering Internship for international students planning careers in science writing for fall and spring….

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Why You Haven’t Met Your Goals…


Goal setting is one thing, realizing them is another thing. Challenges come our way slowing us or limiting our realization of those dreams. Gradually we begin to cave in to neglecting them and finally deserting them -why have…

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7 Cool Facts About Bill Gates That can Blow Your Mind

facts about bill gates

Want to know facts about Bill Gates? Here are seven facts  about Bill Gates. Bill Gates Facts: “If you Born Poor it’s not Your Mistakes. But if you Die Poor it’s Your Mistakes.” – Bill Gates [tweetthis]”If you…

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Helpful Tips for Writing a Literature Review

writing a literature review

This post will explain what literature reviews are and offer insights into the form and construction of literature reviews in both the undergraduates and postgraduates level. After reading this post, writing a literature review for your thesis or…

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Academic Success: Conquering The Dream Killer

academic success

How do you push through your worst times in school? Think of the worst moment you ever had in school. Truly consider it. Notice how bad we feel when we’re not getting the desired academic success we long…

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Should Students Pay For Good Grades?

academic performance

When we are in school we all would like good grades but do we know how to get good grades?  Well I think the truth be told we do deep down know that if we want good grades…

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Study Tips To Effectively Help You Prepare For A Test

study tips

You have a test on Monday?  Don’t panic.  You can do this! This post will revealed 5 best ways to approach studying in the most effective way.  Studying is a skill you can learn just like any other skill…

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How To Prepare For Exams – Study Tips

study tips

If you look around online you will discover some tips on how to study for exams.  Some of these tips can help a student immensely improve their grades.  Before a student can implement some of these study tips…

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How To Study – 4 Successful Study Habits

how to study

Becoming a successful student is as easy as following the tips outline in this post, choosing to practice good strategies as habits in your daily life. Here are simple tips on how to study strategies that, if followed,…

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The 2 Simple Principles for Overcoming Bad Reading Habits

reading habits

To overcome bad reading habits, we need to attend classes regularly and punctually, listen attentively in class while the lecturer is lecturing and take down good notes during classes. Listening is a skill, which can be hindered through:…

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