Practise the Tests Employers Use
If you have been selected to take an employer’s psychometric or aptitude test, you need to practise first. Practise our genuine psychometric tests which include questions and solutions written by industry insiders who used to work for real testing companies. Start practising now to improve your chances of success.

Numerical, Verbal and Inductive Reasoning Tests – all with Solutions
Practise numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning questions and develop your skills with our fully worked solutions. Improve your speed and accuracy to help secure your job offer. Join the thousands of job applicants who have already used our practice tests to help improve their aptitude test score.

    • Fully worked solutions to every question to help you improve
    • Instant online access for essential last-minute preparation
    • Timed test simulation software and PDF booklets to download

Get Selected for Your Job
Employers use psychometric and aptitude tests to screen out applicants. Are you going to get successfully selected for your job, or are you going to fail and have to try another job application? Don’t leave it to chance; start practicing now.


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