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10 Secrets of Highly Successful Students

Shhh… Listen up,  highly successful students don’t want you to read this.

Do you know:

What a student does not know, it becomes secret or mystery to him, but when he knows, it becomes a tool in his hands.

If there is any “secret” that make some students highly successful, they are known and in this post, I’ll expose these secrets.

The truth is, highly successful students know…

  • What to avoid,
  • What they must afford and
  • How to come on board the train of success.


Tools To Apply For Higher Success

1. Vision:

Have a clear picture of what exactly it is you want to achieve this academic session.

Keep this picture at the top of your mind at all times.

industrial training

Doing something you want to do, because you want to do it, will motivate you to succeed at it.

Start with the end in mind.


2. Belief:

Believe without shadow of doubt that you can do it.

Believe that you will succeed.

Have confidence in the God of success who will help you to get what you want.

Stay away from negative influences which make you doubt your ability to succeed.

Surround yourself with things that remind you that you can, and will, succeed.

stop making excuses

3. Responsibility:

Realize that you alone are responsible for your future.

You alone are responsible for the outcome of your efforts.

Don’t look for anyone to blame. Feel free to ask for help as you need it, but remember the final decision is up to you.

It’s your life, after all.

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4. Affirmation:

Make an habit of saying out loud what you hope to achieve. Speak of it in the present tense, e.g;

‘I am fit and strong’, as opposed to ‘I will be fit and strong’.

If you feel awkward speaking out loud to yourself, write down the affirmation. Then look at it (or better still, rewrite it) several times each day.

This helps your mind stay focused on the goal. It can also builds your self-belief and confidence.

5. Commitment:

Make a firm commitment to action. Decide to take whatever steps you need to take to help you achieve your goals. Then honour the commitment you’ve made.

Too often we find it easy to keep our commitments to others while neglecting to keep our commitments to ourselves.

This pattern has to change if you’re to succeed in your academics.

6. SMART goals:

Set SMART goals. Your goal has to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and Time-bound.

7. Planning and Action:

  • Plan and take Action.
  • Work out a plan of action.
  • Break down the plan into basic steps.
  • Take a step or two each day, reminding yourself that each step is bringing you closer to your goal.

Perform each act to the best of your ability, filled with faith, determination and purpose to reach your goal. Most importantly, be consistent.

8. Persistence:

Do not give up until you have achieved what you desire.


Desired achieved is joyful to the heart.

In the course of things, be willing to change any part of your plan which turns out not to work, and try something else.


Thomas Edison did not give up 10,000 times. That’s persistence!

See every failure as a steeping – stone to success and as a temporary setback.

Learn from it and push on towards your goal.

9. Time Management:

Manage your time wisely and you’ll get the maximum out of each day.

Start using daily planner if you don’t already. Also, have a workable time table to guide how you spend your time daily.

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10. Good Study Habit:

if you’ve got them, great. If not – well, there’s still time to develop them.

Read How to Develop Reading Skills for Excellent Performance in Examination.

Good study habits include these basics:

  1.  Always be prepared for class, and attend classes regularly
  2. Complete assignments thoroughly and in a timely manner
  3. Review your notes daily rather than cram for tests the night before
  4.  Set aside quiet time each day for study – even if you don’t have homework or a test the next day!

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