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How to sort your lecturers for extra marks in exams: 7 Secret Techniques

Wondering how to sort your lecturers for extra marks in exams without paying a dime (whether in cash or in kind)?




Why would you want to “sort” when you can study and pass?


…because it takes too much time to study for exams.

…because it’s easy to sort than to study.

…because everybody else does it, and nobody cares.

…because you can easily get the money for sorting – just save your pocket-money and you will have enough money for sorting.

Well, I might not know your reasons for sorting but I’m here to reveal to you 7 sorting tactics you can use to sort your lecturers for good grades.

In case you are wondering if it is legal to sort for good grades, YES! It is, so far, you’re applying these  7 creative ways of sorting for exams.

As students, we all want good grades but very few will want to pay (work hard) for it. During my undergraduate days in school, I’ve always come across students who believe that the only way to succeed academically in Nigerian universities is to sort your way to success. Some will say “you study to know but sort to pass.”

As we know, sorting lecturers in Nigerian universities comes mostly in two ways – in cash or in kind. And now the question is, how can you sort your way to good grades without getting to pay your lecturers a dime either in cash or in kind?

If you want to know these tricks, read on… jerk

Don’t Waste Time! Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Your GPA




  1. Attendance:

Attending classes regularly will not only help you to understand the course content but can get you noticed by your lecturers. Some lecturers read out the register every lecturer hour; and some award marks to students who are regular in class.

A lecturer once said, “After I finished marking exams scripts, if I discover that any of my regular student performed poorly in exams, I am always happy to add extra marks to such students because I believe several factors may hinder student’s success in exams not that such student doesn’t know the course.”

Yes, that’s true. This means that many lecturers are not ignorance of the fact that a student who sacrifices his/her time to attend lectures ought to be rewarded in one way or the other.

The main points

Don’t just be a regular student in class, try to get your lecturers attention. And how can this be done? By reading the next point below.

  1. Participate in class discussion:

I know that many students would not want to show off in class by answering questions or contributing in class discussion either because they are too brilliant and doesn’t want to be seen as brainbox or they are too dummy and shy to get the answer wrong.

In my case, before I started the university, I was told answering questions in class (especially often) can make other students sees you as rival which might create hatred between your course mates.

To some extent this was true, but I know of a guy who was fun of answering questions and taking part in class discussion to the point that lecturers begin to admire him. One day we wrote a test in which he performed poorly but when the test score was pasted, he tops the class.

How was this possible? The course lecturer later invited him to his office and showed him his real test score which was below average, but he chooses to favour him because of his active involvement in class discussion and always been the one to answer most of his questions in class. This was an clear that he understood the course content.

 The main points

Get yourself involved in class discussion and try to answer questions in class. Lecturers are likely to favor students whom they think are brilliant.

  1. Buy their handout:

Only 3 out of 10 lecturers may not add extra marks for students who patronize them.

Sometimes the value you get from these handout is not worth your money, but you still have to buy it anyway if you want that additional mark.

1 mark can get you a leg towards an A grade or even make you escape carrying a course over. During my undergraduate studies, I often buy as many handouts as I can especially the compulsory ones. I discover that lecturers do attached additional marks to their handout even though some marks are too low.

Imagine paying N2000 for a handout that has no value and only to be given 1 mark. Lol.

Again, some lecturers make buying their handout compulsory and if you fail to buy it, you have yourself to blame. While some will announce that their handout is their test. I can remember a particular course, I wrote only 2 tests, but the lecturer record 3 tests for us and guess what – his handout was recorded as the 3rd test taking 20% of the total test scores.

The main points

Pay your dues when necessary so you won’t have yourself to blame. Had I known always come last.

  1. Do your homework:

Many students in higher institutions do not regards their assignment as being important probably because they are not punished by their lecturers if they fail to submit their assignment.

If you are a victim of this, please listen:

Apart from the fact that you get some mark for doing your assignment right, there’s 30% chances that some assignment questions may be repeated in your exams. Tell me how you will answer such questions if you never attempted solving it in your assignment?

A lecturer once said, the reason he repeats assignment questions in his exams is to know those students who actually did their assignment themselves without copying from others because he believed that, if you were able to do your assignment correctly by yourself, then nothing should stop you from getting it right the second time in the exams.

The main points

There’s always 50% chances that some of your homework will be repeated in  the exams. So, always try to do your assignment. Seek for help where necessary.

  1. Write their tests:

Do you know – some students think that lecturers don’t record some test scores especially when a test is written more than necessary. If you have ever thought this way, then u aren’t alone. I was once in your shoes.

I remember when a lecturer was fun of giving out test every time he comes for lectures. Just imagine writing over 10 tests and you wonder which among the 10 tests will be recorded or if any will ever be recorded.

Not until I find out that some lecturers give more tests than often so that they can pick out the best test score and record it for students who failed to do well in other tests.

For instance, if a lecturer needs to record 3 tests but as set over 5 tests for his students, he can pick the best 3 from these 5 tests and record while the remaining 2 is left out.

It is possible that some students might not do well in the first 3 tests, but do excellently in the last 2 while the reverse may be the case for other students.


The main points

Endeavor to write all your tests no matter how many they may because you never can tell which among them will be recorded for you.

  1. Do your best in the exams:

This 6th point is self-explanatory. If you need guides and hints on how to do better in exams, read the following posts:

  1. Allow the rest to God:

You can’t rule out God factor completely if you must succeed as a student. Do your best and allow God to handle the rest.

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