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Top 7 Study Tips To Help You Prepare Effectively For Exams

Why do some students feel concern when faced with a timed test? Not prepared? Fear? Or just clock anxiety?

exams meme

When your lecturer says: “You have one hour to complete this test!” Does that statement cause you stress?

It’s normal.

You can learn to cope with test anxiety for school and for all the other test you will encounter in your life. Follow the seven study tips shown below.

Exams Study Tips

study tips

First, make sure you prepare. Study should begin weeks before the exam, rather than the night before the exam.

Next, set up a routine. Find a nice place to study. Make sure you follow a schedule. Select a start and stop time. Focus on the task. When time is up, you can stop.

Three – review the lessons and learning from you previous sessions. Do this every day. Go over your notes. (You DO take notes in class, don’t you?) Reviewing them reinforces learning and reduces stress and test anxiety. (see: How to Deal With Anxiety and Forgetfulness in Exams)

Four – anticipate what will be on the test. Listen to the teacher. Ask questions. Write down the answers. Find out what the teacher considers to be important. (Hint – See point #4 of this post to know the repeated  stuff from day to day that will probably be on the test.)

Exams meme

Five – drill yourself  with practice questions and answers. Make lists or flash cards with questions and answers. Have someone ask you the questions and have them check your answers. Repetition is a key to learning.

Six – study with other people. Learn what they know and help them learn what you know.

Finally – relax when you take the test. Make sure you don’t engage in pre-test stress events. The day before the test, eat well and hydrate. I know you might be tempted to study all night, but Hey, it’s only a test. Get some sleep!



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