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How To Write An Essay: Three Simple Hacks

essay writing

As a university student, you are inevitably going to be asked to write an essay or two for class. This is especially true for English classes, but it can apply to any courses that you may take in…

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Back to school: 3 tips to Begin the New Semester

back to school

Welcome back to school again. But are you ready? The vacation break has elapse much faster than you expected and you’re already in the new semester. On one hand you are relaxed and motivated. On the other hand,…

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DIY: Best Self Study Tips for Students (That Works Like Magic)

Self Study Tips

With the advent of modern technologies, it’s never been easier and simpler to pursue your own education and learning. By allotting just a little time each day, you can follow your interests outside of the school curriculum and…

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Top 14 Industrial Training Jobs Finding Tactics (That Work)

industrial training

Are you still searching for list of companies for industrial training or struggling to find your dream internship? Not to worry. This post is here to help. (Important Note: Before I dive in to reveal the best internship ad…

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Making Awesome Presentations: Tips and Tricks for Great Project Defense

Final year project presentation and defense  has come to remain, and the only path to graduate in Nigerian universities is to at least defend what you have written (or copied and paste) in a convincing manner. Gone are…

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Advice on how to land your next internship

Internship advice

Your internship period is around the corner!  Is either you’ve gotten one already, OR you’re still in the process looking for one, you haven’t started your search for internship yet, you don’t plan on doing an internship this…

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What’s Keeps You From Taking Notes? How to take great notes in class

Note taking

Why is note taking so important? Have you ever listened to your lecturer in class, and thought to yourself, “This is so easy. I don’t need to write it down” or, “She/he always talks about this. I won’t forget….

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CPIM Exam ? Top 10 Tips to Pass All 5 CPIM Exams the First Time


Obtaining the Certified in Production and Inventory Management certification by passing all 5 tests is difficult, here are 10 tips so you can pass the Basics of Supply Chain, Master Planning of Resources, Detailed Scheduling and Planning, Execution…

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Speed Reading Techniques: How to read faster and comprehend better (In 60 Minutes or Less)

speed reading

How often have you wished you had more time to sit and read a book? Self-help books are great motivators; Imagine being able to read an entire book in minutes and retain the information you have read more…

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Top 7 Study Tips To Help You Prepare Effectively For Exams

study tips

Why do some students feel concern when faced with a timed test? Not prepared? Fear? Or just clock anxiety? When your lecturer says: “You have one hour to complete this test!” Does that statement cause you stress? It’s…

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Tips for Finding A Job you’ll love immediately after graduation

tips for finding a job

It may seem early to think about tips for finding a job. You will probably be concentrating on a heavy workload, including a your final year project, so you can get a good degree. However, if you wait…

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6 Deadly Mistakes I made when Looking for an Internship

looking for an internship

If you are looking for an internship for the summer, you will want to avoid making these six deadly mistakes. Because: Internships are far more in demand than in past years and students have to face some pretty…

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