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Top 7 Reasons Why Students Fail in Exams

What causes students to fail? Laziness and foolishness account for about ninety percent reasons why students fail in exams. In addition to those two, the following reasons may also account for failure in examinations:

Why Students Fail in Exams

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]Laziness and foolishness account for about 99% reasons why students fail in exams.[/tweetthis]

  1. Absenteeism from school, classes or lecture rooms.
  2. Not paying attention to lessons when teachers are teaching. This could be as a result of day dreaming, playfulness, or peer-discussion.
  3. Neglecting to do tests and take home assignments
  4. Not revising enough before the examination or beginning revision very close to exams
  5. Putting oneself under an excessive amount of anxiety: students can put themselves under pointless pressure amid exam season. Tiredness makes revision inadequate and influences performance in exams. Revise for maximum of 30 minutes intervals and then have a 5 minutes break between each revision session. (See: How to Deal With Anxiety and Forgetfulness in Exams)
  6. Not understanding or misinterpreting examination questions. This is the most common reasons why students fail in exams. They may not comprehend what was required by the examiners and consequently would answer the questions wrongly. Students ought to get hold of past question papers and ensure that they also have the solutions to the past questions to check their understanding and get best exam answers. They ought to acquaint themselves with examinations questions. They will less likely to misunderstand if they have come across similar questions before.
  7. Bad time management during the examination, i.e, squandering much time on a question and having to rush over the others is one of the causes why students fail in exams.

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