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Significance of Knowing Thought Process of Students


It is elementary to teaching to understand the manner that the students think. This aspect poses a strong influence on the effectiveness of teaching, which is basically meant for the students. A topic or subject can be explained by anyone, however, a true teacher is one who is able to understand and positively influence the thinking of students.

For this approach, an individual can undertake several strategies that could assist them in knowing the students better. Some of the strategies are discussed here.

Talk to Students

The prime strategy that can be taken up by teachers is to carry out a conversation with the students frequently. Open communication pattern would assist in students sharing their thoughts without hesitation and teacher can incorporate these thoughts or work upon the positive ways to correct them. This would also help the teachers in knowing the concerns faced by the students and reframe the teaching style.

Look at the Past School Records

By looking at the IEP or past records of the students, teacher can estimate the level of the academic performance that a student might exhibit. This would help the teacher in understanding the student’s take on studies and also know the aspects where he needs more assistance.

Take a Survey with Students

A teacher can conduct a survey with the students. This survey would be prepared in a manner that it integrates questions about the students. Also, some additional questions be asked that can help understand the approach of the students, which would make it easier for the teacher to prepare as per the needs of the students.

Get Involved in Co-curricular Activities

A teacher must make efforts to involve the students in extracurricular activities. The involvement and interest of the students in a particular game show a lot about their interest and nature. In addition to the detailed understanding of the student, it also helps in bringing relation of good rapport between the student and the teacher, thus guiding the teacher how to deal with the students.

Bulletin Board

Besides serving as a great tool for getting to the students better, a bulletin board brings excitement and an element of fun in the learning experience of the students.  Here a teacher can feature a student of the week, who gets a chance to conduct a class or put forward their views on the education and teaching related topics. This will help in understanding their perspectives towards building an integrating learning and teaching module.

All of the above strategies can be effectively used towards building a comprehensive learning, which needs the perspectives and thought process of the students towards preparing an all inclusive and all appealing learning systems. By knowing how the students think, the teachers can make the teaching process simpler and actually teach as per the students, which would result in customized learning that is expected to prove fruitful for the upcoming generations as well as student’s of today.  The strategies can be framed by the teachers depending on the students that they deal with. The idea is not to follow rules of strategies, but to embed the thoughts of the students in the academic learning.

Author’s Bio– John William works as an online Tutor and loves to write about Teaching Lessons, homework help  and solving student problems.

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