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Exams Hacks: 6 Ways to Better Prepare for Your Exams (Without Studying)

exams hacks

Exam stress is something that affects a huge number of students of all ages every year; the number of counseling sessions due to exam stress is dramatically rising year after year – a worrying fact. In order to…

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What’s Keeps You From Taking Notes? How to take great notes in class

Note taking

Why is note taking so important? Have you ever listened to your lecturer in class, and thought to yourself, “This is so easy. I don’t need to write it down” or, “She/he always talks about this. I won’t forget….

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My Top 7 Smart Career Tips and Advice for Recent Graduates

Are you a recent graduate? Congratulations!!! The perfect time to kick-start your career is now! – after your graduation. But: Every year number of graduates is increasing and there is more competition. Graduates are worried about their career…

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CPIM Exam ? Top 10 Tips to Pass All 5 CPIM Exams the First Time


Obtaining the Certified in Production and Inventory Management certification by passing all 5 tests is difficult, here are 10 tips so you can pass the Basics of Supply Chain, Master Planning of Resources, Detailed Scheduling and Planning, Execution…

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Speed Reading Techniques: How to read faster and comprehend better (In 60 Minutes or Less)

speed reading

How often have you wished you had more time to sit and read a book? Self-help books are great motivators; Imagine being able to read an entire book in minutes and retain the information you have read more…

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The Benefits Of Online Education

Benefits Of Online Education

Have you considered the many benefits of online education? Most people understand that a good education is necessary for nearly any type of professional career, but there are a lot of roadblocks that people face when they actually…

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Top 7 Study Tips To Help You Prepare Effectively For Exams

study tips

Why do some students feel concern when faced with a timed test? Not prepared? Fear? Or just clock anxiety? When your lecturer says: “You have one hour to complete this test!” Does that statement cause you stress? It’s…

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How to sort your lecturers for extra marks in exams: 7 Secret Techniques

pay for good grade

Wondering how to sort your lecturers for extra marks in exams without paying a dime (whether in cash or in kind)? Hey,   Why would you want to “sort” when you can study and pass? Maybe: …because it…

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Top 35 Presentation Tips: How to Deliver The Best Final Year Project Defence

Final Year Project Defence

If you are searching online for information on final year project presentation tips or how to present a final year project defence, you have landed on the right webpage. But wait, Congratulations!! I believe by now you’re done…

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Procrastination, Explained by Science [And How to Overcome it Now!]


Every day, 9 out of 10 people procrastinate, (including me). So, how can we overcome this demon? Let’s face it: You’re likely reading this post in an effort not to avoid some other tasks. And to learn how…

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The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates

successful student

To learn more, Read this Book and Transform Your Career…

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Question And Answer Time With John Ansa


I love hearing from my blog readers. But this month I get a lot of emails (like, a lot) asking the same questions over and over. So, today I wanted to give answers to frequently asked questions at This will save…

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