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How to Overcome Procrastination and Actually Get S*** Done

This is the discussion from the EduAnsa Forum. If you want to avail my FREE Consultation check out this page. An anonymous reader of EduAnsa asked the following question:


Procrastination is one of the major issues I am facing in my everyday life. I am a procrastinator in all small and big things. I don’t find big drawbacks with certain things but my habit of procrastination with certain other things create a big setback on important achievements in my life.

For instance I need to learn a particular language and this is an important step in my career. I push myself in all possible ways and I managed to attend a couple of classes offered by one of my neighbor friends, but I cannot keep on doing it. I have stopped learning it altogether and now whenever I am reminded of that in my office I think that I have to learn the language but then I forget it and postpone it for another day. How can I cope with this and how can I learn the language successfully?

From Ansa

Dear anonymous friend, that sounds very typical to me. I know how procrastination keeps people busy. And it is very funny that people procrastinate because they are busy and they are busy because they procrastinate. Fine, anyways your problem is not very serious and there is nothing to worry about that too much.

I give you my suggestions and tips to help you take the language course, learn it completely and clear the barrier in your career.

Overcoming Procrastination To Achieve Your Goals


#1 You have said that you take the course from a neighbor friend. I suggest that you take it from a pro who is preferably your stranger. Your friend will be a bit lenient to you since he/she is your friend and cannot be so strict about your attendance and other things. This will give you enough freedom to procrastinate as you wish.

#2 I am not sure about whether you have paid for your lessons, but since you have indicated that your coach is your friend, I presume you haven’t. In any case, I strongly suggest you to take a paid course. If you pay for it, you cannot miss it; otherwise you lose your money. This way there is a price for your procrastination and it is not too easy to afford.

#3 Set yourself a goal. Don’t learn the language just because you need to learn it for your career. Rather set it as a goal that you need to learn one additional language by the end of ———-

#4 Make room for your task. If you need to attend the class daily or two times a week or whatever, set aside the time required for this. Make that time free, and assign that time for attending your language class alone and don’t forget to put up an appointment on your calendar. If you set aside or allocate a particular slot for your lesson, you will do it.

#5 Find out positives of learning that language. Apart from the fact that it is required for your business career, find out what else you will enjoy/benefit by learning that language. Find out a couple of things and keep them as your motivators.

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#6 Find yourself a buddy. He/she can be your friend or member of your family. Inform your buddy about your procrastinating habit and also about the importance of learning that language for your career. Ask your buddy to call you to check out if you attend your classes regularly.

#7 Find a buddy online, who already knows this language. You can find them on social networks you are already in. I’d suggest Twitter and Facebook. Make weekly appointments to chat/voice chat on a particular time once during a week, and practice the language. Let your buddy help you and give you feedback on your progress. This way you are committed to showing your progress.

#8 Find a handful of things you can do to improve your language at home and school. If it is English that you are trying to learn you can make use of this tips to learn English effectively. Actually the tips on that post can be applied to any language in general.

#9 Last but not the least, I can be your buddy to check on your progress. Please fill out the contact form at EduAnsa and I’ll be in touch.

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On to you readers….

What would you suggest this friend of yours to get him learn the language?

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