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Things to Avoid So Your GPA Doesn’t Become “Toxic”

As you make up your mind to boost your GPA and achieve your desired dream as a successful student, there are common causes of failure you need to avoid if your GPA must upgrade. Let consider some of them.

  1. Idleness: idleness often leads to sin. Many students have had their CGPA dropped because of idleness. Many had gone into sorting, exams malpractice and many are sleeping with lecturers in exchange for extra marks all because of idleness – not wanting to burn the mid night candle. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@edu_ansa” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]“Men are usually tempted by the devil; but the idle man positively tempts the devil.”[/tweetthis] “Men are usually tempted by the devil; but the idle man positively tempts the devil.”
  2. Using physical challenges as an excuse for failure

Many physically disabled people sometimes credit their failure to their conditions. The fact is that there is no condition so powerful enough to limit you. The case of Nick Vujicic is a good example. A man born with no arms and legs makes the best of his life and encourages others to be grateful for what they do have. God bless you Nick.


  1. Neglecting the little things

It is unfortunate that many students neglect “little things” that can contribute to their success. As small as a pin is, if a man swallows it, he may die. Only one stone from small David killed big Goliath – little things like note-taking, attempting past questions, proper conduct in Examination Hall, writing examination number, etc., can cause failure if they are neglected. Please, note that little things matter. If an operating surgeon fails to take care of little things in the theater, he may lose the patient.

  1. Quitting too soon – Don’t ever give up your goal. No hurdle or obstacle can be too high for a student with resolute determination.
  2. The “short-cut syndrome” – The tendency in many students is to choose the shortest, easiest, “get-rich-quick” way to success. This’s why they go for “EXPO” special centers, scam e-mail, fake credit card, betting and wide spread gambling instead of taking pains to read and work hard.
  3. over-confidence as a result of past success

Many are deceived by an event. They are satisfied with the initial rise in GPA thinking that further accomplishment is unnecessary. Overconfidence then becomes a stumbling block on their way.

  1. Bad association – Evil communications, the Bible says, corrupts good manners.

Now that you have known the things to avoid to be a highly successful student, what then stop you from boosting your CGPA?

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