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Summer Internships – Find Undergraduate Student Placements Abroad

Do you have plans to do summer internships abroad?

summer internships

Some students wants to do international summer internships to live and work abroad or to gain specific career related work experience. There are several summer internships related to international careers you can apply for, especially the ones with international organization.

Below list  are various types of internships you can apply if you want to do your internship abroad.

Types of Summer Internships for International Students

  1. Study Abroad Summer Internships
  2. Internship Exchange/Work Permit Programs
  3. Internships Directly with International Organizations
  4. Government
  5. Public Multinationals
  6. Private Enterprise
  7. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  8. Educational Organizations
  9. Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs)
  • Study Abroad Summer Internships:

Hundreds of overseas internships are sponsored by universities and for undergraduates it is the most easily available option.

Its advantages include credit, applicability of financial aid, and a variety of subjects and locations and disadvantages are cost and sometimes unpredictability of placement.

  • Internship Exchange/Work Permit Programs:

A few reciprocal exchange programs offer paying internships in applied fields like if you find your own internship abroad, these organizations can also assist in obtaining a work permit.

  • Internships Directly with International Organizations:

Many organizations in international sectors offer internship programs with a centralized formal application process.

Many do not have formal internships but respond positively to applications from individuals who propose their own internship and in general, the larger and better-known the organization, the more competitive the application process for internships will be.for example, Google Internship Program and IBM Summer Internship Programs

Smaller organizations overlooked by applicants, may offer some of the best internship experiences. So, also send out your applications to these smaller organizations.
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  • Government:

The U.S. State Department and other federal agencies overseas and in the U.S. offer summer internships usually unpaid for undergraduates and graduate students.

State and city governments have many internship possibilities, often overlooked by applicants, in their international trade offices. Therefore internships with members of Congress who sit on international committees are also possible.

  • Public Multinationals:

Multi-government giants like the World Bank and United Nation offer internships. They are often unpaid and highly competitive, paid positions are usually reserved for graduate students

  • Private Enterprise:

Organized international internships program are sponsored by Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and other companies. These are sometimes restricted to students in MBA programs.

There are so many undergraduates who have arranged international internships with U.S. or host-country companies, especially by using BUNAC program. Most internship with private industry pays enough to cover basic living expenses, though usually not the cost of transatlantic airfare.

  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs):

Typically these government organizations are nonprofit, and they include humanitarian or human-rights watchdogs, health care providers, research institutes and organizations supporting international educational exchange.

NGOs typically welcome interns in their U.S. based offices or sometimes by direct application to overseas offices. Internships with NGOs are often unpaid.

  • Educational Organizations:

Teachers are in demand worldwide. The positions of teacher fall into two categories like teaching English as a foreign language for which no other credential than a bachelors degree is usually needed, and teaching K-12 in overseas schools taught in English for which teaching certification is usually required. Most teaching positions require a commitment of one academic year at least.

  • Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs):

These organizations offer many overseas placements and are one of the only possibilities for intern work in developing countries. The positions are typically designated as “volunteer” or service positions, rather than internships.

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