Poor Academic Performance? Causes and Practical Solutions

academic performance

Generally, students get disturbed by their poor academic performance but they never try to understand the real causes behind them. Also, if you want to know what you can do to obtain better academic records in the future,…

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50 Powerful Ways to Finding The Right Internship To Boost Your Career

Finding The Right Internship

Finding the right internship for your SIWES program requires some research and planning but the results are definitely worth the effort. Seeking out this temporary job opportunity can best be accomplished by using several different strategies. Internship Facts…

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Find more internships in your area…

intern job

IT/ SIWES training offers Nigerian students in Higher Institutions the opportunity to gain work experience in different locations. However, many students are not seizing this opportunity because they’re unable to secure IT placement in their desires companies and…

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ENGLISH101: 14 Sexy Ways to Say “Thank You”

ways to say thank you

What are the sexy ways to say thank you? As many of you know, “Thank You” is a very important word to use in English Language. Practically every conversation is prepared with a “thank you” especially when a…

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Top 14 Industrial Training Jobs Finding Tactics (That Work)

industrial training

Are you still searching for list of companies for industrial training or struggling to find your dream internship? Not to worry. This post is here to help. (Important Note: Before I dive in to reveal the best internship ad…

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Making Awesome Presentations: Tips and Tricks for Great Project Defense

Final year project presentation and defense  has come to remain, and the only path to graduate in Nigerian universities is to at least defend what you have written (or copied and paste) in a convincing manner. Gone are…

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7 Traits We Should Teach Children Today To Build a Healthy Society Tomorrow

You may recognize the need to teach your children right values today that would help in developing and constituting a healthy society tomorrow. But how do you teach them? Here are 7 important traits you can teach your…

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How to completely avoid plagiarism in your academic research work

avoiding plagiarism

How to avoid plagiarism in a web-based research? Here are Pro tips on avoiding plagiarism while writing. But first: What is plagiarism The word plagiarism should no longer be strange to you if you’re a member of the academic community. Plagiarism,…

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Advice on how to land your next internship

Internship advice

Your internship period is around the corner!  Is either you’ve gotten one already, OR you’re still in the process looking for one, you haven’t started your search for internship yet, you don’t plan on doing an internship this…

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5 Ways to Easily Secure your SIWES Placement

Internship search

What are the 5 ways to effortlessly secure a SIWES placement as a student? Many students find it hard to secure a SIWES placement, this is as a result of non-availability. Also in light of the fact that now and…

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Study Room Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Home Study Space

study room

Whether you are studying for an important exam or completing your qualifications to get into the university of your choice, the space in which you study is key. One 2017 study published in the journal Thinking Skills and Creativity,…

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Best Ways to Empower Your Learning Skills


Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge, most times from different sources. According to some people, the word learning is associated with education. But in fact learning happens from childhood on wards. For example, babies learn to listen,…

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